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Alluvial Gold Mining Equipment Gold Sluice Box Highbanker Small Portable

  • RL-4027


General Description

Large-Scale Gold Sluice Box is suitable for all kinds of production scale, and we have proved it again and again. It has high recovery rate for large particles gold, pure gold and superfine gold. 


Advantage and Feature

1. Total length: appr. 2.7m 

2. Width: appr. 40cm (different widths appear in each packing carton; nestification allowed);

3. After completely disassembled and nested, total dimensions appr. 90cm x 41cm x 35cm;

4. Total weight appr. 45kg (not including water pump and hosepipe);

5. The largest feed speed can reach 8ton/hour, while still keep higher running efficiency;

6.  Material size appr. 15cm-20cm;

7. Feed hopper screencan sift out 99% big particle stone.

8. Equipped with efficient collection mat

9. Assembled with in 30minutes

10. Portable equipment,can be sent to the destination by Courier service in advance

11. All of the PVC pipe can be bought at the hardware store

12. Minimum 3 inch impurity pump,water flow at least 60m³/h;

13. 4 inch sand suction pipe can be connected


Sluice Box
Item No. Width*Length(m) Rubber Mat Adjustable Supporting Leg Pump (Gasoline) Package Size (cm)        two packages Weight (KG)        two packages Capacity (Ton/Hour) Water Flow /  Lift In/Out Hose Power/Rated Power / Speed
RL-2018 0.2m×1.8m Include 12*6pc 2" 99*22*40/ 39*31*39 22/9.5 1-2t/h 30 m³/35m 50/50 170FS/4.7kw/3600
RL-3024 0.3m×2.4m Include 12*6pc 2" 133*34*54.5/ 50*40*43 42/24 3-4t/h 30 m³/35m 50/50 170FS/4.7kw/3600
RL-4027 0.4m×2.7m Include 12*6pc 3" 133*44*71/ 56*44*46 45/26 6-8t/h 60 m³/30m 75/75 170FS/4.7kw/3600
RL-3045 0.3-0.45*3.6m Include 12*6pc 3" 126*55*71/ 56*44*46 85/26 5-8t/h 60 m³/30m 75/75 170FS/4.7kw/3600


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