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Aluminum Gold Pan


General Description

Some of the richest gold bearing lands now have equipment restrictions.  Many limit prospectors to PANNING only. It just performs like a sluice or highbanker while remaining LEGAL in a all areas that only allow panning.

Step One: Fill with a bunch of dirt, gravels, and rocks.

Step Two: Lower and shake. Material will melt.

Step Three: Wash back and forth until rocks are clean.

Step Four: Shake while lifting. Lower chamber will fluidize and capture gold.

Step Five: Discard large rocks and empty heavies and gold into bucket or pan.


Advantage and Feature

1. Gold mining equipment,gold pan ;

2. Fast and efficient;

3. Lightweight and portable; Only 2.5kg;

4. strong, almost indestructible

5. All the gaps are connecting with TIG welding

6. Mesh sieve is made by steel bar(diameter: 6mm). Hand-hand and TIG welding

7. Packing size: 520*320*250cm, weight 3kg


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