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Portable Gold Diamond Mining Machine Wind Blower Gravity Separator Gold Dry Blower

  • RL-130E


General Description

This is a new dry washer entering the gold prospecting market developed by Relong Technology. This is an amazing machine !


Utilizing three different processes at the same time, the Gold Drywasher provides gold recovery in any dry condition.

Raw, dry, material is loaded into the hopper where a classifier screens and separates the smaller material allowing it to drop down and pass through an adjustable flow gate into an isolated recovery box. High-velocity air flow through the recovery box generates an electrostatic charge which attracts the gold. Simultaneously, the same air flow suspends the material allowing the heavier particles (gold) to sink into the riffles and get trapped. In unison with an oscillating vibrator agitating the material, the heavier values are assured to sink to the bottom.


Advantage and Feature

1. It works by wind power and is widely used in non-water, dry and desert area.

2. Easy to operate. 1-2 persons are needed. Save labor force.

3. Less fuel consumption and save cost.

4. This small size drywasher is extremely lightweight and compact making it ideal for packing into remote locations.


Dry Washer
Model Dimension(mm) Power Power Noise Net Weight(KG) Blower Capacity Pipe material Box material Working capacity Packing Volume (30 sets)
RL-151S 1350*550*1500 Portable Gasoline blower 5.5Kw <85dB(A) 60KG 1542m³/h PVC tube stainless steel 0.5-0.8t/h 20ft container


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