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4 Inch Gold Dredge

  • RL-4505PH


General Description

Introducing our top-of-the-line 4-inch gold dredge, the perfect equipment for professional gold mining. This dredge is designed to prioritize both cost-effectiveness and portability, with a construction that allows for quick and effortless disassembly into smaller components for easy transportation and storage.

Featuring a smaller Honda gasoline engine, our dredge packs a powerful suction capability that can reach depths of up to 6 meters, making it an ideal tool for efficient gold mining. The engine is also fuel-efficient, saving you money on operating costs.

Equipped with a sluice box lined with a specially designed rubber mat, our dredge is optimized for recovering fine gold. With its T80 compressor air supply kit, the dredge provides ample air supply for diver, ensuring maximum productivity.

Four inflatable Rubber balloons are used in this design, with the two rows of floats allowing for reduced resistance by quickly passing through the water flow. The frame is constructed from square tubing, making it both lightweight and easily disassembled. The jet suction parts can be raised above the frame, allowing for easy navigation through rapids and shallow areas.

Advantage and Feature

  1. Our 4 inch gold dredge boasts a powerful Honda gasoline engine that is both fuel-efficient and capable of reaching depths of up to 6 meters.

  2. The high-efficiency sluice box, equipped with a rubber mat, guarantees optimal gold recovery for all mining operations.

  3. With the option of an included T80 compressor, our dredges ensure a continuous supply of fresh air to all divers.

  4. Designed for beginners, the suction system of our dredges reduces rock jams and is simple to operate and maintain.

  5. Our gold dredge is compact and highly portable, allowing you to easily transport it to even the most remote mining locations.

  6. Get more time mining and less time fussing with equipment when you choose our reliable and efficient gold dredge.


Gold Dredge
SizeModelPump/PowerAir compressorSluice Size(cm)Max Dredging 
Consumption (L)
Suction Hose/LengthPontoon (cm)Net weightPacked Weight
2 inchRL-2004SNFDW100/HONGDA GXH50None90*253m1m³/h0.91L/H2'' * 5m100*68*2029kg39kg
2.5 inchRL-2604HPJDW160/MIT SU GT400None122*306m2m³/h1.3L2.5'' * 6m160*108*3159kg102kg
2.5 inchRL-2604HCPJDW160/MITSU GT400T-80122*306m2m³/h1.3L2.5'' * 6m160*108*3170kg115kg
3 inchRL-3500PHDW180 /GX200 6.5None122*356m3m³/h1.7L/H3'' * 6m160*96*3575kg120kg
3 inchRL-3505PHDW180 /GX200 6.5T-80122*356m3m³/h1.7L/H3'' * 6m160*96*3586kg131kg
4 inchRL-4500PHDW180/GX200 6.5None122*406m4m³/h1.7L/H4'' * 6m160*100*3585kg125kg
4 inchRL-4505PHDW180/GX200 6.5T80122*406m4m³/h1.7L/H4'' * 6m160*100*3596kg136kg
5 inchRL-5211HPDW180/GX200*2 setsT-80170*5012m9m³/h3.4L/H5'' * 7m237*114*40182kg227kg
6 inchRL-6211MDW180/GX200*2 setsT-80170*558m12m³/h3.4L/H6'' * 7m240*120*40200kg250kg
6 inchRL-6246VRL 350/23hpK263360*6518m14m³/h4L/H6'' * 10m465*250*73800kg1050kg
8 inchRL-8246VERL 350/23hpK263480*7010m19m³/h9L/H8'' * 12m620*270*83860kg1050kg
8 inchRL-8140KRL 1500/40hpK263480*7012m19m³/h9L/H8'' * 12m620*270*83890kg1100kg
8 inchRL-8160DRL 1500/60hp DieselK263600*7515m23m³/h7L/H8'' * 12m775*275*831800kg20' Contanier * 1
8 inchRL-8195DRL 1500/95hp DieselK263*2600*7524m26m³/h12L/H8'' * 12m775*275*832150kg


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  E-mail: sales@relong-tech.com

 Tel: +86 186 6170 5879

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