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Philippines 6inch Gold Dregde

Work site of 6inch gold Dredge in Philippines.

Philippines Bucket Chain Gold Dredger

In 2017, Bucket Chain Gold Dredger were launched in the Phillippine market.

One-stop Mining plant

In 2013, one-stop mining plant was put into use in a large mining area in the Congo market.

Vibration Gold Mining Machine

The construction site of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the installation of Vibration gold mining machine. After the equipment is transported to the customer's site, professional engineers and workers are sent to site to guide the installation.

Gold Trommel Screen and Vibrating Screen

In Ghana, the Gold trommel screen installation site, the Vibrating screen machine was officially run in 2015.

Mini Gold Dredge

New Zealand gold digger use mini gold dredge to pan for gold. These dredges can be easily transported and quickly assembled, they are equipment for economy and portability.

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