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Advantage of Detachable Gold Pan

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Advantage of Detachable Gold Pan

This type of gold pan is made of aviation aluminum with rubber mat, hand gold pan and sluice selection process combined. Greatly improve the efficiency of gold panning washing. Simply remove the butterfly nut and split it into five pieces to carry it anywhere easily. Using the flow-through technique, the flow of water in the stream helps to clean and separate the gold. No need for secondary sorting, large stones can be shaken out of the side of the gold pan, and no need to dip your hand into the water to pick them up, or spend hours sorting materials.


- Use flow-through technique which allows water flow if the creek or stream to assist in the cleaning and separation process.


- The gold pan is portable because it breaks down into 5 flat sections that can be inserted into any backpack. Simply remove the butterfly nut and take it apart.


- High quality gold sluice mat with well designed riffles.

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