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Compact Sluice Box Gold Mining Equipment Sluice Box Mini

  • RL-3024


General Description

This sluice box is the best choice for exploration or small scale mining.Although it has same frame and dimension, the performance is much higher than most products in the recent market.The processing capacity is 150-200 buckets of raw materials per hour while it can keep a high recovery rate even there is very fine gold. So that the customers can get more gold.

The model RL-3024 highbanker features a foldable and lightweight body constructed with premium aluminum alloy, which makes the equipment extremely lightweight & portable. The hopper is designed with grizzly bars and a sieve. A pumping system is always required to work with a highbanker.


Advantage and Feature

1. Length is about 2.4 meter (two 1.2 meter chute overlap installation)

2. Width is about 0.3 meter (the widest part)

3. Total weight :35kg  

4. Equipped with whole set gold mining leather pad

5. Aluminum steel mesh screen

6. 2inch water pump and pipe

7. Adjustable aluminum support leg

8. Special reverse ramp and vortex chamber are designed.


Sluice Box
Item No. Width*Length(m) Rubber Mat Adjustable Supporting Leg Pump (Gasoline) Package Size (cm)        two packages Weight (KG)        two packages Capacity (Ton/Hour) Water Flow /  Lift In/Out Hose Power/Rated Power / Speed
RL-2018 0.2m×1.8m Include 12*6pc 2" 99*22*40/ 39*31*39 22/9.5 1-2t/h 30 m³/35m 50/50 170FS/4.7kw/3600
RL-3024 0.3m×2.4m Include 12*6pc 2" 133*34*54.5/ 50*40*43 42/24 3-4t/h 30 m³/35m 50/50 170FS/4.7kw/3600
RL-4027 0.4m×2.7m Include 12*6pc 3" 133*44*71/ 56*44*46 45/26 6-8t/h 60 m³/30m 75/75 170FS/4.7kw/3600
RL-3045 0.3-0.45*3.6m Include 12*6pc 3" 126*55*71/ 56*44*46 85/26 5-8t/h 60 m³/30m 75/75 170FS/4.7kw/3600


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