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Gold Dredge Lightweight And Portable Gold Dredge Machine Alluvial Gold Dredge

  • RL-6246V


General Description

Introducing the Commercial 6-inch Gold Dredge - the ultimate tool for serious gold miners!

This powerful 6 inch  gold dredge boasts a high level of efficiency, making it perfect for extracting gold in large quantities. Its state-of-the-art sluice box features a selection of high-quality gold mats, ensuring maximum gold retention and excellent gold recovery rates.

One of the key advantages of the Commercial 6-inch Gold Dredge is its ease of transport. The dredge can be quickly and easily disassembled for transport, making it ideal for those who need to move frequently between different mining sites. Additionally, its removable sluice box allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring that you can keep your dredge in top working condition at all times.

With its impressive production capacity, the Commercial 6-inch Gold Dredge is perfect for commercial mining operations. Whether you're searching for gold in deep rivers or shallow streams, this dredge will deliver the performance and results you need to succeed.


Advantage and Feature

1. It has large walkways on the decks that can accommodate several divers and provide ease of access around all working parts of the dredge. 

2. The larger 23 hp engines offer greater suction depths up to 18 meter. 

3. The sluice box sets at the surface of the water to reduce the water lift and increase suction power, which is equipped with a winch leveling system for precise tilt and sluice box adjustment. The sluice box is equipped rubber mat inside which is designed to recover fine gold and gemstones. 

4. All dredges are equipped with a compressor for an ample air supply for two divers.

5. The suction system is equipped with an oversized power jet and twin eductor systems to reduce the occurrence of rock jams.

6. Mounted on modular crosslink flotation modules measuring 8 pieces high impact plastic polymer pontoons, After assembly flotation dimension is approximately 2.5m wide and up to 4.65m in length.

7. Sluice box dimension is 0.56m wide and up to 3.6m in length. All frames have been reinforced for a more stable working platform.


Gold Dredge
Size Model Pump/Power Air compressor Sluice Size(cm) Max Dredging 
Capacity(m³) Fuel 
Consumption (L)
Suction Hose/Length Pontoon (cm) Net weight Packed Weight
2 inch RL-2004SNF DW100/HONGDA GXH50 None 90*25 3m 1m³/h 0.91L/H 2'' * 5m 100*68*20 29kg 39kg
2.5 inch RL-2604HPJ DW160/MIT SU GT400 None 122*30 6m 2m³/h 1.3L 2.5'' * 6m 160*108*31 59kg 102kg
2.5 inch RL-2604HCPJ DW160/MITSU GT400 T-80 122*30 6m 2m³/h 1.3L 2.5'' * 6m 160*108*31 70kg 115kg
3 inch RL-3500PH DW180 /GX200 6.5 None 122*35 6m 3m³/h 1.7L/H 3'' * 6m 160*96*35 75kg 120kg
3 inch RL-3505PH DW180 /GX200 6.5 T-80 122*35 6m 3m³/h 1.7L/H 3'' * 6m 160*96*35 86kg 131kg
4 inch RL-4500PH DW180/GX200 6.5 None 122*40 6m 4m³/h 1.7L/H 4'' * 6m 160*100*35 85kg 125kg
4 inch RL-4505PH DW180/GX200 6.5 T80 122*40 6m 4m³/h 1.7L/H 4'' * 6m 160*100*35 96kg 136kg
5 inch RL-5211HP DW180/GX200*2 sets T-80 170*50 12m 9m³/h 3.4L/H 5'' * 7m 237*114*40 182kg 227kg
6 inch RL-6211M DW180/GX200*2 sets T-80 170*55 8m 12m³/h 3.4L/H 6'' * 7m 240*120*40 200kg 250kg
6 inch RL-6246V RL 350/23hp K263 360*65 18m 14m³/h 4L/H 6'' * 10m 465*250*73 800kg 1050kg
8 inch RL-8246VE RL 350/23hp K263 480*70 10m 19m³/h 9L/H 8'' * 12m 620*270*83 860kg 1050kg
8 inch RL-8140K RL 1500/40hp K263 480*70 12m 19m³/h 9L/H 8'' * 12m 620*270*83 890kg 1100kg
8 inch RL-8160D RL 1500/60hp Diesel K263 600*75 15m 23m³/h 7L/H 8'' * 12m 775*275*83 1800kg 20' Contanier * 1
8 inch RL-8195D RL 1500*2/95hp Diesel K263*2 600*75 24m 26m³/h 12L/H 8'' * 12m 775*275*83 2150kg


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