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Gold Mine Boat Alluvial Gold Mining Equipment Small Portable Gold Dredge

  • RL-2604HPJ


General Description

Introducing our powerful and portable 2.5 inch gold dredge, designed for serious gold prospectors looking to maximize their gold recovery rates. Weighing in at a mere 59 KG (Model not with Air compressor), this dredge is incredibly easy to transport and can be quickly assembled by just a few people.

Equipped with a large diving suction nozzle (SN) and deep water suction nozzle (PJ), the PE horn mouth has greater suction power and unclogging capabilities, making it perfect for handling tough gold mining conditions. Additionally, our dredge is outfitted with high-efficiency rubber mats that are world-renowned for their superior gold recovery rates.

Our dredge comes equipped with the optional T80 air compressor air supply kit, providing divers with a reliable and constant source of air. 

With its powerful and efficient design, our 2.5 inch gold dredge is the perfect tool for any gold mining operation.


Advantage and Feature

Portable Mining Dredge for Gold

- Powerful Suction Nozzle

- Well designed sluice box with high-efficient rubber mat

- Diving with breathable air, to deep water.

- Lightweight, easy assembly, great dredging performance even for fine gold particle

Cutting edge technology. Customized to your needs.


Gold Dredge
Size Model Pump/Power Air compressor Sluice Size(cm) Max Dredging 
Capacity(m³) Fuel 
Consumption (L)
Suction Hose/Length Pontoon (cm) Net weight Packed Weight
2.5 inch RL-2604HPJ DW160/MIT SU GT400 None 122*30 6m 2m³/h 1.3L 2.5'' * 6m 160*108*31 59kg 102kg
2.5 inch RL-2604HCPJ DW160/MITSU GT400 T-80 122*30 6m 2m³/h 1.3L 2.5'' * 6m 160*108*31 70kg 115kg


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