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Gold Mining Equipment Sluice Box For Mineral Separator

  • RL-2018


General Description

The Sluice Box is a small size alluvial gold mining sluice box, it is also extensible, portable and can be posted anywhere in the world.

The capacity can be same as 1-3 digger digging. All equipment equipped with gold concentrate collection mat,adjustment supporting legs,clay claw.Pump and hose can be chosen.

This equipment can run a great deal of work compared to other markets. Processing 100% unclassified material can reach 1-3 tons per hour.


Advantage and Feature

1. This sluice box is collapsible, light weight. It can be loaded into a standard car trunk. A single person can handle it,total weight 22 kg.

2. It has strong support leg, and working angle is adjustable.

3. The sluice box with full set rubber mat inside, high recovery rate and easy to wash it. We test the sluice box in different operational circumstances,each recovery rate in testing can reach 98%. 

4. Capacity:120 bucket of material per hour(3 ton per hour)

5. Equipped one 1.5"" pump systemThere are several ways to operate.

Type 1. Can use 2 inch trash pump,Need to use small size hose,reduce the water flow.

Type 2. 1.5 inch small engine and pump,2.5HP.


Sluice Box
Item No. Width*Length(m) Rubber Mat Adjustable Supporting Leg Pump (Gasoline) Package Size (cm)        two packages Weight (KG)        two packages Capacity (Ton/Hour) Water Flow /  Lift In/Out Hose Power/Rated Power / Speed
RL-2018 0.2m×1.8m Include 12*6pc 2" 99*22*40/ 39*31*39 22/9.5 1-2t/h 30 m³/35m 50/50 170FS/4.7kw/3600
RL-3024 0.3m×2.4m Include 12*6pc 2" 133*34*54.5/ 50*40*43 42/24 3-4t/h 30 m³/35m 50/50 170FS/4.7kw/3600
RL-4027 0.4m×2.7m Include 12*6pc 3" 133*44*71/ 56*44*46 45/26 6-8t/h 60 m³/30m 75/75 170FS/4.7kw/3600
RL-3045 0.3-0.45*3.6m Include 12*6pc 3" 126*55*71/ 56*44*46 85/26 5-8t/h 60 m³/30m 75/75 170FS/4.7kw/3600


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