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Mini Portable Gold And Diamond Mining Dredge 4 Inch Dredge

  • RL-4500PH


General Description

The ultimate gold mining solution, our 4 inch dredge offers professional-grade equipment with unbeatable portability and cost-effectiveness. Its easy breakdown and storage design make it perfect for the busy and mobile miner.

With its compact and fuel-efficient Honda gasoline engine, our 4 inch gold dredge delivers powerful suction capabilities, allowing you to reach depths of up to 6 meters with ease.

Our specially designed sluice box, featuring a durable rubber mat, is highly efficient in capturing even the finest gold particles, maximizing your yield.


Advantage and Feature

  1. Superior gold recovery with a high-quality sluice mat.

  2. Unmatched performance with a high-performance DW180 pump.

  3. Easy maneuverability with a lightweight backpack made of PE/rubber float with low resistance.

  4. Effortless assembly and disassembly with a dismountable frame.

  5. Customizable suction power with an adjustable jet flare.


Gold Dredge
Size Model Pump/Power Air compressor Sluice Size(cm) Max Dredging 
Capacity(m³) Fuel 
Consumption (L)
Suction Hose/Length Pontoon (cm) Net weight Packed Weight
4 inch RL-4500PH DW180/GX200 6.5 None 122*40 6m 4m³/h 1.7L/H 4'' * 6m 160*100*35 85kg 125kg
4 inch RL-4505PH DW180/GX200 6.5 T80 122*40 6m 4m³/h 1.7L/H 4'' * 6m 160*100*35 96kg 136kg


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