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Operation manual for Dry Washer

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Operation manual for Dry Washer

Step 1: Place hopper, screen side down, on the ground. Attach legs at the hopper, and then lift legs on one side until they intersect at the proper position to secure the bolt. Repeat for the other side.

Step 2: Slide on the bottom portion of each leg, securing them with the provided hardware.

Step 3: Stand the unit upright so that it’s on its legs.

Step 4: Attach the top end of the recovery box to the bottom end of the hopper. (Riffles will be facing up-hill; opposite direction from a traditional sluice.)

Step 5: Secure the bottom end of the recovery box to the hopper with the adjustable chain.

Step 6: Connect the blower hose; ensure that the blower is “upwind” and on a solid surface to keep dust from getting pulled off the ground into the motor.

To ensure optimal capture and ease of set-up and operation, we’ve designed the Dry Washer with an adjustable chain so the angle of the recovery box can be “fine tuned”, as well as equipping each leg with independent adjustability, allowing the machine to find “level” on uneven ground.

When properly set up, it’s possible to expect a capture rate of 85% (or greater).

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