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PM1600 Double Wheel Gold Grinding Wet Pan Mill

  • RL-PM1600


General Description

Wet pan mill is the best equipment to replace ball mill. because it have small investment, high output, low production cost, good efficiency and easy installation. And the machine is the ideal beneficiation equipment for small and medium-sized enterprise. Wet pan mill is mainly used to process the gold, silver, lead, zinc, iron, molybdenum, copper, antimony. The wet pan mill is named by the diameter of roller. Φ1300,Φ 1350,Φ 1400,Φ 1500,Φ 1600 is suitable for selection of iron ore, molybdenum ore ,lead ore ,zinc ore, antimony ore and so on. Φ 850, Φ 900, Φ 1000,Φ 1100,Φ 1200 is suitable for selection of gold ore. Above all, 1200a type is the most popular and widely use.

The gold stone grinding mill is mainly used to separate gold, silver, lead, zinc, iron, molybdenum, copper, antimony, ect. It performs an excellent job in secondary crushing, finely crushing and super finely crushing. It grinds ores by wheel driving force. Firstly, the power is transferred from the motor to the reducer, then to the horizontal shaft, and finally to the grinding wheel. the wheels then rotate anticlockwise.The wheels can revolve around the vertical shaft of the pan mill, and at the same time, it can revolve on its own axis, while the grinding base will remain still.
The grinding wheels mix up the ores and water evenly, and produce ore pulp. The ores are pressed, rubbed and grinded repeatedly. After the grinding process, the monomers are taken to the upper surface of the pulp and discharged through the overflow outlet of the water basin. Meanwhile, the coarse ores sink to the bottom of grinding base, being grinded continuously till they reach the required fineness. The screening mesh set up at the overflow outlet of the water basin classifies the ore fineness strictly to avoid the over-grinding and uneven fineness, which helps create better condition for next working process.

Packaging term: nude cargo or wooden case.


Advantage and Feature

1.simultaneously reduce lifting surface area.After grinding wheels rotation, the intensity of pressure on minerals increases, reaching the purpose of increasing output(not less than 150t per 24hrs)
2.On the basis of original equipment,a scraper device is added to keep material layer 4-5 cm.Only under this state,swaying effect is excellent.In addition,fine material can be quickly cleaned away from mill groove.


Double Wheel Gold Grinding Wet Pan Mill

Ore discharge mode

overflow type

Grinding method

wet rolling



Input size


output size

0.6-0.07(150 Mesh)

used for selecting ferrous metals, nonferrous metals and nonmetal

Total Weight

16.2 T



Basin Specification




Roller diameter


Roller Weight


Basin weight


Roller thickness


Basin diameter 



 4-7 t/h


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