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Shaker table

  • RL-SK02


General Description

This shaker table is important equipment of gravity concentration. It can bullion grade gold product from low-grade concentrates at high recoveries. A unique table design allows for the production of a gold concentrate that can be directly smelted to bullion. 

The New Shaking Table is known to generate a bullion grade gold product from low-grade concentrates at high recoveries. It is specially designed for precious metals such as Gold, Palladium, tantalum and copper.


Advantage and Feature

* Adjustable feed rate.

* Simple operation.

* The table can be operated in batch or continuous mode.

* No massive foundation required

* Simple operation

* Recessed deck grooves for gold collection

* Thanks to the frequently installed mini valves, fine adjustment can be made in the water collector as you wish. 

* It can maximize the concentration rate in the ore with its low energy consumption.


Shaker Table
Length 2.4m
Width 1.6m
Height 0.8m
Weight 150KG
Material Table:PP
Frame: Stainless steel
Guide rail THK
Bearing Nachi
Motor Power(kw) 0.4kw
Voltage(v) 220v
Water consumption ≈8m³/h
Capacity 200KG
Recovery rate 99.5%


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