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Spiral Gold Washing Pan

  • RL-SW


General Description

The spiral gold wheel is designed for separating heavy minerals such as gold from clay and dirt. This equipment is built with robust and wear-resistant steel. It features a 65cm (ca. 26 inches) wheel tray. Customers can angle the wheel tray depending on their needs. This equipment is designed with two wheels for ease of movement.


Advantage and Feature

1. Wearproof steel weld thread.

2. Water spray and central hole.

3. Electric drive system.

4. Waterproof switch.

5. 304 steel water inlet and adjust.

6. Movable wheels


Spiral Gold Washing Pan
Model Capacity Overall Size(cm) Wheel Tray Dia. Input Voltage RPM Power Consumption Material Net Weight
RL-SW 40-60L/hr 84 * 95 * 120 65 cm
(ca. 26 inches)
Vac220 or customized 20 r/min. 180W steel 65kg


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