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Ultra Fine Gold Recovery Sluice



General Description

This fine gold recovery equipment is designed for capturing super fine gold particles. It features a

vibrating sluice box with a V-shaped riffled mat that is capable of processing gold particles down to 400

mesh (equivalent to 0.037mm or 37 microns ). The equipment is hand-welded by skilled workers using the

welding technique called TIG Welding to ensure it is seamless. The equipment is easy to use outdoors as it

can match with a 12V vehicle battery as a power source. This equipment is sold as a kit with the mini 12V

pump, circulating container, 14-inch pan, brush and mini aluminium spade.


Advantage and Feature

1. Compact type, size small and weight light.

2. Can choose direct put into water or use the support leg.

3. Easy to backpack, especially for hiking or climb mountain.

4. With rubber mat inside, high recovery rate, easy to collect.


Ultra Fine Gold Recovery Sluice
Dimensions(cm 70*28*53
Capacity(L/H 3-4 For reference only, the processing capacity varies according to raw materials.
Weight(KG) 9-10
Package Size(cm) 70*50*50 Includes: equipment, pump, circulating slot, basin, 14'' gold basin, cleaning agent, brush, aluminum shovel.


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