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Variable Inclination Single-Layer Screen


General Description

The equipment has an inclined slope at the feeding end, which start at 34° and the drops to the discharge end of about 10° at a certain number of angle.  The screen surface with different inclination angles of the broken lin form, the thickness of the material layer from the feeding end to the discharging end is unchanged. The ratio of material volume and flow on each section screen surface is stable, the material layer is high, showing a uniform state.  The screening effect is significantly improved, which is 1 - 2 times higher than that of the vibration screen with the same effective area.

The material is usually introduced as slurry. On an inclined screen the accelerations along with a portion of the gravitational force will cause the material to travel towards the discharge end while the water is being screened out by means of proper screening media.


Advantage and Feature

1. Reasonable mechanical structure, low noise and high screening efficiency

2. Ring groove rivets connection, advanced structure, strong and durable。

3. Large capacity, and convenient repair.


Variable Inclination Single-Layer Screen
Model Width * Length
Layer Power
Production Capacity
Largest Mesh Of Upper Screen
1536 1.5 * 3.6 1 15 300 75
1836 1.8 * 3.6 1 15 400 75
2450 2.4 * 5 1 22 600 75


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