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Vibrating Sieve Screen Mining Equipment Gold for Alluvial Gold Mining

  • VGM-200


General Description

VGM-200 is a complete, portable equipment.

Excavator pours the materials on grizzly bar for separation. Gravels will be washed by high pressure water and then discharged from the back part. Raw material particle size can reach 50cm. Smaller particles fall to the second layer of screen for separation. After the second layer, the sand and water mixture flows into three separate and adjustable sluices for gold enrichment. This sluice can be adjusted for the front and rear angles, left and right balance to achieve maximum recovery rate by adapting to different terrain and operating conditions.

This gold processing machine is easy to operate and efficient. The gold mat can be taken down quickly for flushing. This machine can be cleaned easily and quickly, gold mat can be removed to flush quickly. The machine is fully driven by hydraulic system. The system is driven directly by hydraulic motor. No belt or chain is required. This means that a lot of driving mechanism is not necessary. Hydraulic system can reduce fuel consumption and mechanical loss.


Advantage and Feature 

1. This plant is a complete portable plant, no need for additional screens or sluice boxes.
2. It's 100% hydraulic drive, no electric needed, the hydraulic system is USA DANFOSS.
3. The three sluice boxes are independently adjustable, adapt rubber mat inside, gold recovery exceeds 95%, fine gold down to 200-300 mesh.
4. Equipped with world-famous rubber mat that is designed for superior gold recovery.
5. The engine is Japan Yanmar, bearing is Japan NSK.
6. Long service life and low cost for maintenance.


Vibrating Screen Machine
Model VGM -200
Size Overall Length 4.5m
Overall Width 2.2m
Overall Height 2.9m
Vibrating Screen Area 4 m 3
Gold Sluice Box Area 6 m 3  Zigzag Arrangement
Table Riffles Diesel
Power / Speed 20 hp / 2200 r
High Pressure Water Pump Centrifugal Pump 8/6
Water Flow 30 m 3 / h
Water Lift 32 m
Rated Power 75 kw
Rated Speed 1500 r/min
handling Capacity 200 t/h
Operator 1 person
Fuel Consumption 90kw * 0.178 L =16 L/Hour


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