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Dredging Depth 10m-sand Bucket Chain Dredgre Diagram

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Dredging Depth 10m-sand Bucket Chain Dredgre Diagram

This dredger is non-self-propelled, chain bucket type gold mining dredger, the hull adopts the assembly type box structure.It is equipped with a bridge hoisting device, a five anchor positioning and chain bucket device, screening equipment, gravity separation equipment, and tail transport equipment, etc. The chain bucket is driven by the decelerating engine of the motor.The generator set provides all electric power, lighting and other electricity on the dredger. The forward winch, the bridge winch are all driven by the reducer.

This type of chain bucket gold dredger is composed by two parts. the first parts is sand and mud dredging systerm.This systerm use the square bucket to scoop the sand, mud and gravels up. Then the trommel classifier will separate the gravels first, when breaking the clay with the iron chain inside the trommel , which makes easy to separate the gold .

The gold separating system could be customized according to the customer' gold size and shape . Usually we recommend jig ( for ugget gold ), pulsating sluice box and centrifugal concentrator to separate the tiny particle gold or flower gold.

After the separation of the gold, the gravels and sand could be transported by conveyor belt or the sand could also be transportated by pump.


That all depends on customers' requirement. Please share with us more pictures and videos of your mining area, we can recommend the most suitable and economical dredger for you because we are the professional.

With 30+ years experience in design and manufacturing, Relong can provide you with robust and cost-effective dredgers and mining equipment. Whether your project requires standard or custom dredgers,We support you to find the optimal solution. We always ensure Cost effective & reliable services as per client specifications.

Applications: Canal Maintenance, navigational channels, marina dredging, dams and gold course ponds, quarry, settling/tailing pond, effluent ponds

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