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Gold Dredge Small Portable 4 Inch Gold And Diamond Mining Dredge

  • RL-4500PH


General Description

These 4-inch dredges offer a portable and economical solution. Two men can easily disassemble the dredges into small components that can be transported manually.

To increase suction power, the sluice box is placed at the water's surface and features a rubber mat inside to recover fine gold and gemstones.

The two powerful Honda gasoline engines are fuel-efficient and capable of greater suction depths of up to 6 meters.

Each dredge is equipped with a T80 compressor to provide ample air supply for 1-2 divers.

The suction system features an oversized power jet and twin eductor systems to minimize rock jams.

The dredges are mounted on modular cross-link flotation modules with 4 high-impact inflatable rubber pontoons. Once assembled, dimensions are approximately 1.2 meters wide and up to 3 meters in length. The sluice box measures 0.5 meters wide and up to 1.2 meters in length.

To provide a more stable working platform, all frames have been reinforced.

Relong 4 inch gold dredge

Advantage and Feature

1. High quality gold sluice mat

2. High performance DW180 pump

3. Backpack PE/rubber float.Low resistance.

4. Dismountable frame

5. Adjustable power jet


*Power: HONDA 6.5hp                                                          *Suction Hose/Length: 4'' * 6m

*Fuel Consumption:1.7 L/hour                                                         *Capacity:  4m³/hour

*Pump: DW 180                                                                                *Max. Dredging Depth: 6m

*Oil-less Air Compressor: T80                                                   *Sluice Size: 1.22m*0.45m

*Pontoon Size: 1.85m* 1.15m*0.45m                                             *Net weight: 89KG

*Packing Size:1.85m*0.7m*0.6m(Plywood Box)                  *Gross Weight:154kg


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