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Plastic Gold Pan


General Description

Gold pan is portable and convenient tools used by a prospector, small scale miner and recreational miner.  Also, it is the perfect tools to get started with for beginners. The plastic pans feature their portability as it is extremely lightweight, easy to carry and inexpensive.

Four riffles are incorporated on one side of the pan to have the gold trapped as the lighter material flows out the pan.

This light weight but super tough pan is a top-quality gold prospecting tools and will hold up to years of prospecting.

PP material

There are the optional gold selection kit, including snuffer bottle, plastic vial, bubble snuffer, magnifier.


Advantage and Feature

1. It can be used as gravity separation test tool in mine operation.
2. Applicable objects: beginners of gold panning, mineral processing experiment.
3. Easy to carry and cheap.
4. The use is not limited, as long as there is water.
5. It is especially suitable for mountainous areas, rivers and streams where electricity and traffic are not convenient.


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